Hillingdon to cut local Connexions service

It has recently emerged that Hillingdon Council intends to cut funding to the local Connexions service.
Connexions provides vital assistance and advice to young people who are looking for work, need help with education and training, or need help with housing, health and welfare issues.

Nationally, the ConDem government is attacking services for the most vulnerable in the society: the young, the elderly and the disabled. They have placed vital services like Connexions under the control of local councils, at the same time as they are slashing funding to local authorities from central government. This forces local councils to swing the governments spending axe against ‘easy’ targets, such as Connexions. We can also see this happening in neighbouring boroughs: In Ealing, the council is closing down day centres for the disabled, although there is a magnificent campaign against it, see http://sadealing.blogspot.com/

Cutting the funding to Connexions in Hillingdon will mean that less staff and resources available to help young people out of unemployment, help them get the training and education they need and help them with housing and health issues. This, at a time when youth unemployment is rising rapidly, education is turning into a privilege for the rich and rents continue to soar as housing benefit is cut!

It is vital that these services, as well as EMA, continue to be provided by the local council. There is no need for Hillingdon council to reduce funding for these services, and it will certainly not help the local economy out of this recession. The council could use its reserves to keep services like Connexions and EMA going, while building for a mass campaign to lobby central government for more funding.

However, it is obvious that the council does not care about local people or their opinions. At the very least there should be a pubic consultation about the cutting of such a vital service.

Hillingdon Against Cuts strongly opposes all cuts to public service, here in Hillingdon and nationally. We need to build a strong campaign, involving local communities and trade unionists to fight back against this ConDem government and Tory council.

We can start by lobbying the council on the 13th of January, to demand a budget that will be fair and benefit the people of Hillingdon!

13 January · 18:30 – 20:30

Location Uxbridge Civic Centre

Created by:

More info Lobby the Council to demand that they do not implement the Cuts demanded by the National Government! For a needs based budget in Hillingdon!






As we have already seen, with the abolition of EMA and the tripling of Tuition Fees, this government does not care about the future of young people in this country. By

As part of the ‘savings’ demanded by central government, the Connexions service will see its


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