Brilliant Lobby!

Save Hillingdon Music Services and Hillingdon Against Cuts held a successful lobby of the council this evening!

At least 500 people turned up, a great many from HMS, who entertained and inspired the crowd with their music and singing! Also present were several dozen trade unionists and trade union officials, whose members will be affected by the cuts through job losses and attacks on their pay and conditions.

The lobby succeeded in getting the council to negotiate with campaigners, and will allow HMS users to speak at the full council meeting next week. Hillingdon Connexions workers and users, and Hillingdon Carers should also demand to speak to the council at the meeting next week.

We all need to work hard to get an even bigger turn out to next weeks lobby. Local people, service users and trade unionists all need to get to together to fight back against council cuts!

No Cuts to our Services!

No Cuts to our Jobs!

For a decent Future for all!

Next lobby: Thurs 24th Feb, at the Civic Center in Uxbridge, from 6pm onward!


A full report from the lobby with pictures and video etc will follow tomorrow.


About hillingdonagainstcuts

Socialist and Anti Cuts Campaigner
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