Letter to the Uxbridge Gazette from HAC

Dear Editor,
The next time we hear councillors berating young people for anti-social behaviour; let us remind them of the devastating anti-social consequences of their recently passed cuts in Jobs and Services.
Many elderly people already feel isolated.  In just two days I have received pleas for help  from people left in their homes unable to access the so-called “Safeguarded” Front-Line services.  People having to wait a further year to be assessed when it is patently obvious that they need immediate help.  They endure the humiliation of being unable to climb stairs, unable to bathe etc.  The councillors might as well have mugged them.  Despite the heroic efforts of the staff, these Front-Line services have been under-resourced for years and the latest “book balancing” act will only make matters much worse.
Their contempt for young people is nothing short of criminal.  The destruction of Connexions and the Music Service etc will have a huge negative impact on the lives of young people.  The Education and Housing crisis deepens.  All this whilst the councillors and officers pay themselves  huge salaries and their friends in the Banks and the corporations carry on, as if they had nothing to do with the impoverishment of our children and grandchildren.  And the abandonment of our Elderly.  The time for political careerism is over; the councillors must be forced to fight for the people or resign.
We urge all organisations and individuals opposed to the cuts, to attend our Public Meeting, in Room 4/4a at the Civic Centre, Uxbridge at 8pm sharp on March 16th.

Yours faithfully,  Wally Kennedy, Secretary Hillingdon Against Cuts (HAC).

About hillingdonagainstcuts

Socialist and Anti Cuts Campaigner
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