Next HAC Meeting: Build support for the Public Sector Strike!

Public Meeting


Date: Thursday June 16th

Time: 6.30pm for 6.45pm – until 8pm

Speakers:Public Sector Trade Unionists, UK Uncut,

The Socialist Party .

Venue: Friends Meeting House,

York Road/Belmont Road,

Uxbridge (2 minutes from Tube)


They tell us that there is no money and that we will have to accept the destruction of the Welfare State.  They tell us that our Public Services will have to be dismantled and privatised.  Yet last year the number of billionaires increased from 53 to 73; at the same time as workers jobs and wages have been cut alongside vital services.  This government of the super-rich have viciously attacked our young people, the sick and the unemployed.  Our young people are organising to fight for a future.  We urge everyone to join a Trade Union and get organised.  We urge everyone to join our campaign … facebook details below.


Join the fightback against the government cuts.  Defend the National Health Service from privatisation.  Protect all jobs and Public Services.  Make the super-rich pay their £120 billion in annual unpaid taxes.


On June 30th the fightback takes on a different character with a massive strike movement in the Public Sector.  Teachers and Civil Servants will be joined by others to stop the government’s attacks on pensions etc.  Join our activities in Hillingdon Borough on that day.


Please attend the meeting on June 16th and hear the reports of the Fightback against the cuts.


Find us on Facebook at Hillingdon Against Cuts or email

Write to: 27 Townsend Way, Northwood, Middlesex, HA6 1TG

Call 07789807467 or 07746865086



About hillingdonagainstcuts

Socialist and Anti Cuts Campaigner
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