Powerful strikes, build for bigger ones!

HAC was out today visiting pickets and building support for the public sector strike

10 of us met up in Uxbridge at 7.30 am and split into teams to visit pickets around the borough, bringing messages of solidarity and support to those who are striking to defend their jobs, pensions and the Public Sector from the vicious attacks by the Con-Dem government.

Industrial action closed the Job Centres in Uxbridge, Hayes, Heathrow and Southall, with strong pickets at each. At the Uxbridge HMRC, a lone Junior Manager turned up to work. After half an hour, he gave up and joined the pickets! He was recruited to the PCS on the spot!

At Uxbridge college, 30 staff members from the ATL and UCU picketed at the gates, drawing support from students and passing motorists. The fight to defend education is a vital one, and all support is crucial.

At Heathrow airport, Border Agency and HMRC staff held three pickets. They are protesting against cuts to their staff, conditions and the unfair treatment of asylum seekers and immigrants. All attacks on Border and Customs staff directly affect asylum claims, and mean vulnerable people suffer.

HAC then held a mass leafleting session in Uxbridge to raise public awareness for the strikes and build support.

The most important thing about these strikes is that they can only be the  of the fight. The TUC demonstration on the 26th of March showed that there is a massive appetite for a fightback against this government of the rich and powerful. All anti-cuts campaigners and groups have to continue to build over the summer, to prepare for massive strike action in the autumn.

Come to our meeting on the 14th of July, and help us build for the alternative!

Pictures to follow

Make the super-rich pay … they caused the crisis … not the workers.

We urge you to send Delegates/Observers/Rank-and-file members to our next meeting (Details below). The meeting is open to all members of the community and all Trade Union members who are opposed to all cuts.


 7pm – 8.30pm

Friends Meeting House, Belmont/York Road, Uxbridge

(2 minutes from Tube Station).

Contact details:

Find us on FaceBook ; Hillingdon Against Cuts (HAC)

Email: haccampaign@gmail.com

Call or Text: 07415-609-012

Write: (HAC), 27, Townsend Way, Northwood, Middlesex HA6 1TG.


About hillingdonagainstcuts

Socialist and Anti Cuts Campaigner
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