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Hillingdon Against Cuts (HAC)
Why are the government trying to privatise all remaining Public Services and assets?  Why do they lie about their plans for the NHS?  Why do they want to abolish all secure Council Housing?  Why do they want to reduce the already meagre pensions of those who have worked for up to 40 years?  Why the rise in Pension Age.  Etc, etc…
They tell us that they want to balance the books.  Like Murdoch however … they couldn’t tell the truth to save their lives but will lie through their teeth to save themselves and maintain their positions of power over their corrupt system.  They want to further enrich themselves and line their own pockets at our expense.
Fact 1:  They want to make “savings” of £83 billion over 5 years.

Fact 2:  Over the same 5 years … they will continue to allow their super-rich friends in the Corporations and the City, to evade/avoid their taxes by up to £600 billion.
Fact 3:  What could be done with the surplus of £517 billion over the five year period … and up to £140 billion each year thereafter?  (Figures source; HMRC)

Fact 4:  They don’t want to collect the taxes or close the tax loop-holes because … “they don’t want to upset the City”.

Fact 5:  If we are one week late in paying our Council Tax … they threaten us with Court, Wage/Benefit Attachment of Earnings and up to 90 days in prison.  They don’t mind upsetting us.

Fact 6:  Murdoch does not pay a penny in income tax here in the UK.

Fact 7:  Murdoch only pays 1% Corporation Tax instead of up to 28%. yet he’s the bigoted racist who calls the poor, low-waged etc, … “Scroungers” and “Spongers”.

Fact 8:  Murdoch is one of many thousands of the super-rich doing the same … and it appears that they own our political representatives also.
Please attend:
Public Meeting
Thursday September 15th
Friends Meeting House, (Belmont Road)
Uxbridge (2 minutes Uxbridge Tube)
7pm – 8.30pm
Speaker:  Fire Brigades Union (FBU)
Find us on FaceBook: Hillingdon Against Cuts (HAC).  Email:  Phone: 07415-609-012.  Write to 27 Townsend Way, Northwood, HA6 1TG

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Socialist and Anti Cuts Campaigner
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