HAC Statement on the recent riots

27 Townsend Way,
HA6 1TG.
MOB: 07514-609 -012
The Editor,
Letters Page,
The Gazette.
Dear Sir/Madam,
The riots are symptomatic of a deeper malaise in society.  The arson and looting cannot be condoned.
The hypocrisy and moralising of the politicians, both national and local, in their condemnation of these events is breathtaking.  These same politicians, with honourable exceptions, have lined their own pockets by “flipping” homes and fiddling expenses, whilst for decades they oversaw the looting of the entire economy by their very rich friends in the City and the Corporations.  Now they expect us and our children
to pay for the private debts of the gamblers.
The ruling elite are morally bankrupt.  What kind of paragons of virtue are these people who are put on pedestals to be admired and emulated?  What kind of role models for our young people to follow?
Our children need access to free education, proper training and decent jobs and homes.  They want a decent future and the means to attain that hope.  They do not need the abolition of Connexions, Music Service, EMA, the tripling of tuition fees and the planned “workfare” – where they will be expected to work a full week for their £53 benefit/wages.  How long will it take before the employers try to sack the older, better-paid workers and condemn them, like the youth to a life of poverty wages.
If the government continue to close the doors on access to a better life for growing numbers of disconnected youth; don’t be surprised if they demand to be heard.  If the government refuse to listen to peaceful pleading; don’t be surprised if they revolt against the injustices and double standards. 
Our council in Hillingdon have just written off £2.5 million lost to poor investment … without an apology.  They have looted council tax-payers money and they still remain in power.  We urge Hillingdon council to reinstate all the cuts or resign and seek a mandate for what they have done and for the further cuts they plan to impliment. 
Yours faithfully,
Wally Kennedy, Hillingdon Against Cuts (HAC) Secretary.

About hillingdonagainstcuts

Socialist and Anti Cuts Campaigner
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