Support the Public Sector General Strike!

Hillingdon Against Cuts met tonight, the 15th of September, in our first meeting since July. We have not been quiet over the summer however! We have been leafleting every week in Uxbridge, supporting the struggles of Hillingdon Council workers on the Golf Courses and in the Street Cleaning department. Our Banner has been on Anti-Cuts demonstrations, demonstrations to defend the NHS and we participated in the Unity demonstration in Hackney/Haringey, called in the aftermath of the August Riots, themselves a symptom of the Con-Dem Cuts.

Most importantly, we took part in the lobby of the TUC on September the 11th, demanding that this potentially powerful body play its role in defending working people’s interests and call mass strike action against the austerity measures being imposed by the millionaire Con-Dem Government.

We are happy to say that we support the action being called by 10 trade unions, including PCS, Unison, Unite, GMB, FBU, UCU and RMT, in defense of Public Sector pensions, and against all cuts to the Public Sector. As working people, we will not pay for this crisis of the corrupt bankers, big business men and billionaires with our jobs, services and pensions.

To this end, the meeting passed the resolution below unanimously, and pledged to provide all practical support in building for strike action, supporting picket lines and informing the general public on the reasons for the strike.




1)”We congratulate the National Shop Stewards Network (NSSN) in campaigning to ensure that the Trades Union Congress (TUC) coordinate action to defeat the government plans to attack the already meagre pensions of workers in the Public Sector. The government want to make the workers pay  more towards their pension, work for 5/6 years longer and receive a smaller pension than is the case presently. At the moment the average pension in the Public Sector, after many years of paying in, is a mere £3700 per annum. This will be reduced under government plans. Yet the MPs receive two-thirds of their £64000 salary as a pension and the bankers and speculator keep paying themselves Billions in bonuses after we bailed them out.

2) We call on all Unions to mount a recruitment campaign across all sectors, Public and Private, to ensure a united workforce and community to fight for decent pensions, wages and conditions for all worker and to protect the services on which we all depend. We urge all HAC supporters to join a Trade Union.

3) We must defeat the tactics of divide and rule which the government always use. We must combat all racism, sexism, ageism, etc. We believe that if all working class people stand together, we can defeat the government’ plans to wreck the Welfare State and to privatise all remaining Public Services, from primary schools to the NHS; while at the same time enriching their already super-rich friends, who evade/avoid their taxes by up to £140 Billion per annum.

4) The Hillingdon Against Cuts Campaign calls on all Supporters to get involved in their place of work and if unemployed to assist in the campaigning work.”

***Seconded by: Shola Adebola, Thomas Birch, John Elvin, John Boots***

***Passed unanimously with one amendment by a show of hands. 28 in attendance, including Sec, Asst. Sec of HAC, representatives from Unite, GMB, FBU, WLARA, SP***


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