Next HAC Meeting

Hillingdon Against Cuts (HAC)

Join the campaign to defend Public Services and the Welfare State. Please attend the next HAC meeting on November 16th to discuss and plan for future activities here in Hillingdon.


Wednesday November 16th

7pm – 8.30pm

Friends Meeting House

Belmont Road, Uxbridge

(2 minutes from Tube)

  • Stop the cuts in Social Services and Social Care
  • Stop the attacks on wages and pensions
  • Stop the attacks on the unemployed and the poor
  • Stop the attacks on the homeless – build council housing
  • Stop Education cuts – abolish Tuition Fees, restore EMA
  • Stop the sell-off of the NHS – No private profit from the NHS
  • Bring Gas, Electric, Water, Railways etc, etc into proper public ownership.

Make the super-rich pay their annual unpaid taxes of £140 Billion. It wasn’t the Workers, Students and Pensioners who crashed the economy – it was the greedy super-rich gamblers and their corrupt system who accrued the debts and now expect us to bail them out. Join the HAC Campaign. The fightback has begun. Prepare for November 30th.

Please donate to HAC: Cheques payable to, Hilllingdon Against Cuts, C/0 27 Townsend Way, Northwood, Middx HA6 1TG.

Find us on Facebook: Hillingdon Against Cuts /0r call/txt: 07415-609-012


About hillingdonagainstcuts

Socialist and Anti Cuts Campaigner
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