Hillingdon Against Cuts (HAC)

November 30th Public Sector National Strike

Why are they striking?

The main reason for the strike is because the government want to force them to work for an extra 8 years. They will be forced to pay more … up to 18% of their wages … supposedly into the Pension Fund. This is a government lie. The government will instead use the extra funds to bailout the bankers and speculators … the very people who caused and worsened the economic crisis. They will also be forced to take a substantial cut to their already meagre pension (average £4,000 per year). Hardly gold-plated.


What about Private Sector workers?

Many workers in the Private sector are not in a Trade Union and because they are not organised … many of them are on poverty wages and without a Pension Scheme. We urge everyone, including the unemployed, to contact us. We will help and advise you on joining a Trade Union and getting organised. The bosses are organised … you need to be organised also. The government now want to force the unemployed to work for NOTHING. Obviously this slave labour will be used to get rid of better paid workers.


Contact us: Find us on Facebook: Phone/txt: 07415-609-012, or write to Wally Kennedy, HAC, c/o 27 Townsend Way, Northwood, Middlesex HA6 1TG

Why you should support the Strike on November 30th

If you use Public Services you will have seen the affects of the cutbacks. * The Pensioners left without proper care. * The selling off of our NHS hospitals to enable private companies to make profit from the sick. * The closure of Day Centres for the most vulnerable in our society. * The housing crisis … where a family of five were forced to live in a filthy one-bedroomed flat, where the bedding was urine stained and bloodied and the heating controlled from the flat next door. The Private Landlord was being paid £175 per week for this so-called Bed-and-Breakfast accommodation. * The destruction of Connexions. * The stressed-out, overworked and underpaid in the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP), who try to cope with lengthening dole queues and poverty. * The Housing and Social Services Staff who cannot cope with the increased levels and consequences of poverty, poor housing and homelessness … and the lack of Affordable accommodation. * The never ending reduction in staffing levels across the board as the Councillors and MPs line their pockets with salary increases and real gold-plated pensions. Public Sector workers have had enough of wage freezes and abuse from justifiably frustrated members of the public. They want to provide good Public Services but they don’t have the resources.

How can I support the strike?

Support them on the Picket Lines from 7.30am (Public Buildings),

Join the Rally and March at 12 noon in Uxbridge Town Centre.

Wednesday November 30th … join the fightback.


About hillingdonagainstcuts

Socialist and Anti Cuts Campaigner
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